New Korean Drama to Look Forward To~

Hi everyone~ It’s Drama_addict28 aka Amy! ♥♥♥ This time with a Korean drama! As you all know, many new dramas have come out, and they all look very good! Today I’m here to talk about: Seven First Kisses! It features many “hot guys” whom I think you will all recognize when I talk about them.

 photo First 2.jpg

The female lead is Min So Jin, played by Lee Cho Hee. Her character appears pretty dull and boring, until she meets her fairy godmother, played by Choi Ji Woo. It appears in the teaser trailer, that So Jin is given a chance to meet 7 guys, and somehow first kisses will be applied. It seems she falls in love with each of the men at first sight.

Each of the male leads have a “title” that goes with them. *They’re all pretty awesome to me. I have never had so many of my favorite actors in one drama together!*

Here are the 7 male contenders:

Lee Joon Gi (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) – “Mr. Perfect”

 photo First 4.jpg

Ji Chang Wook (K2) – “Sexy Secret Agent”

 photo First 3.jpg

Park Hae Jin (Cheese in the Trap) – “Romantic Boss” (Picture ft. Choi Ji Woo)

 photo First 7.jpg

Taecyeon 2pm (Dream High) – “Rich Family’s Innocent Son” (No teaser picture, sorry! T_T)

Kai EXO (EXO Next Door) – “Charming Student” (No teaser picture sorry! T_T)

Lee Jong Suk (Pinocchio) – “Nation’s Most Beloved Actor”

 photo First 5.jpg

Lee Min Ho (Heirs) – “Free Spirit Traveler”

 photo First 6.jpg

It is ultimately a decision, who will the female lead choose? Who would you choose?

Watch the trailer below:

Amy’s thoughts: I’m overall am pretty excited. The first episode subbed has come out on Dramanice! Hopefully there are some of you out there who seem interested too, then I have someone to talk to in the comments :p Check below for the link to the first episode!!
Peace out 😀

Link to Dramanice Seven First Kisses Episode 1 Eng Sub


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