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Big Bang’s Newest MVs Released

Hey guys, as you may or may not have known, Big Bang released two new music videos, Fxxk It (에라 모르겠다) and Last Dance, on November 14th.

My opinion’s on Last Dance are positive. The melody is a soft ballad that mixes in the powerful vocals of all members to create a beautiful piece of music that can make fans tear up, especially when you understand the lyrics that tugs at your heart-strings. The effects of the music video with the angles of the camera gives you a feeling of hands on a clock, as if reminding you of what the future may hold for anyone. Check out the video below!

As for Fxxk It, I got to admit, I expected a rough beat and overpowering vocals and rap that could blow you away. However, the song came out softer that I thought, with a nice mellow and catchy melody that makes you do a double-take. The smooth rap and soft vocals conveys the lyrics perfectly. The use of colors in the video is amazing, mixing colors here and there and creating nice balances and contrasts that are easy on the eyes. Check out the video below!


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