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Hi everybody! This is Amy, and I welcome you to me personal section on this website: The Makeup Section! If you all didn’t know, I adore makeup, and enjoy learning about new tips and looks to create. Today I am here to share with you a few Korean Makeup Artists whom I find very inspiring and very informational. Note that these are my opinions and my thoughts, and you do not need to like them too. Also, this is purely to share my favorite youtuber’s who specialize in Korean Makeup. Thanks for your time~~ Enjoy!!

First up we have Soyoung!! She actually went to college in America, University of Nevada. She uploads pretty frequently, and I feel she very correctly shows Korean Makeup. Her videos range from hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, and makeup hauls and swatches. Take a look below at a few of her videos:

Next we have Sunny! If you are into Kpop, you have probably heard of her. She is very famous for her makeup look alike to Kpop idols. Sunny is extremely talented, and her final results never fail to amaze me. She looks very alike to the idols, and does a very clear job in making a tutorial. If you ever want a idol look, or a very realistic costume for halloween, then her channel is the place to go. Check some of her very realistic tutorials out below:

Lastly, I will be talking about a very famous Makeup Artist. Her name is Pony. She is a very iconic Korean Makeup Artist, and is not just a measly youtuber. Pony even has her own makeup line. Her makeup is fresh, chic, and very modern. Perfect for everyday looks or heavy night party makeups. The link to her makeup site is :  Check below for some of her makeup videos.

Thanks for reading! Hope this post has been helpful, and leave your comments below! Peace Out~ Amy


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