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Korea’s Popular Tourist Attractions

Hey guys, it’s Vanessa.

For every fan that is interested in the Korean culture whether it’d be the music, media arts, or if you’re just a fan of the food, it is most likely that you have a certain degree of desire to travel to South Korea.

Well you’re in luck! Here are 5 most popular tourist attractions in South Korea.

1. Jeju Island


Jeju Island (Jejudo) or otherwise known as the “Island of the Gods”, is by far the most popular tourist stop for foreigners and even native Koreans. Among Korean newlyweds, this island remains as the country’s top honeymoon location. Most people compare this festive island to the ever so popular Hawaiian Islands of the US. The similarities lie in the island’s characteristics, consisting of volcanic rock, frequent rains, and temperate climate. What makes this place so special is the various activities that could be done on the island. Including mountain hiking on Korea’s highest peak, Halla-san, catching breath-taking views of sunrises and sunsets, taking snaps of grand waterfalls and lava tubes, visiting Jeju Loveland, riding horses, and simply enjoying life on the sandy shores of the island. If you are a fan of history, then visiting the museums might interest you. Such as the Folklore and Natural History Museum, Jeju Education Museum, Jeju Independence Museum, and if you’re being extra adventurous, you can go to the Jeju Teddy Bear Museum.

jeju-teddy-bear-museum-3.jpgPic: Jeju Teddy Bear Museum

2. Seoul


Seoul is most popularly known as the capital city of South Korea and as the country’s political and economic center. This beautiful city consists of a mix between a wonderful modern style structures to brilliant ancient architecture. The Seoul Metropolitan area contains four UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as Changdeok Palace, Hwaseong Fortress, Jongmyo Shrine and the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty. Seoul also houses festive street food vendors and a buzzing nighttime of fun. Including the serene Buddhist temples and the dynamic trend-setting youth culture. Major modern landmarks in Seoul include the Korea Finance Building, N Seoul Tower, the World Trade Center and the seven-skyscraper residence Tower Palace.

1547290_images_1.jpgPic: N Seoul Tower

3. Haeundae Beach – Busan


Busan is a seaport that is surrounded by many beaches, among them is the beautiful Haeundae Beach. The beach is available year-round and is equally beautiful no matter the season that you visit it. An island located on the south end of the beach, called Dongbaekseom (Dongbaek Island), offers an incredible view of the sea by car and its coastline is famous for fishing. Haeundae Beach is the most popular location to view the first sunrise of the year on January 1st. The total visitors can amount up to one thousand people gathering before dawn.

20100921222120_dsc_3389-bearbeitet.jpgPic: Dongbaek Island

4. Seoraksan National Park


Seoraksan is the highest mountain of the Taebaek mountain range in Gangwon Province, eastern South Korea. The park is open all year round and many national and international tourists visit this scenic park, especially in autumn. The bright browns and reds of autumn in the park are considered among the most beautiful in Korea. The park contains several famous temples, including Baekdam-sa. The inner part of the Taebaek Mountain Range is named Inner Seorak. The other major areas are Outer Seorak and South Seorak. All three areas are divided by Daecheong-bong, the main peak of Seorak-san.

14719562_554565564735199_4591569954981019648_n.jpgPic: Baekdam-sa

5. Gyeongju


Gyeongju is located in the southeastern corner of South Korea, north of Ulsan and Busan. This grand city is often referred to as a museum without walls due to its abundance of historical sites in the area. The city houses the Bulguksa Temple (known most famously as the temple depicted on the 5,000 won note, the currency of South Korea). Bulguksa Temple is a classic example of traditional Korean Buddhist Architecture and is perched upon a mountain. The impressive structure of the temple is considered as a masterpiece of Buddhist art. Gyeongju is best seen in springtime, when the miles of cherry trees lining the main streets burst into life.

938566_1_24.jpgPic: Bulguksa Temple

Okay, that will be the end of our little tour! If you ever get lucky enough, or saved enough money, to be able to visit South Korea, make sure to visit these amazing places to make some memories. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Best of luck!

Credits: World Tourist Attractions


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