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My Top 10 Korean Ballads


Hey guys, it’s Vanessa.

So I’m a big fan of kpop so hype songs are my favorites to listen to when I’m bored and need some energy. However, there are times when we just need to settle down and relax with some slow and tearful music. These are my favorite ballad songs to listen to when I’m in the mood!

1. Awake, Jin (BTS)

Oh how I love this song. Jin’s mellow and smooth voice, paired with the beautiful string accompaniment, this song is sure to tug at your heart-strings! The chorus of the song began with Jin’s high note that blew all thoughts from my mind when listening to it. This piece is definitely among my top favorites of the album. Check it out below!

2. Today Too, Kim Bo Hyung (SPICA) – The K2 OST

For this piece, the slow beginning is key. The song starts of mellow and then Kim Bo Hyung comes in with her strong and powerful voice. She then slows down as the bridge comes in and takes you away just as the chorus begins. Check out the video below.

3. A Million Pieces, Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

Kyuhyun slowly sneaks in at the beginning of the song, starting off the first note with no small amount of emotion. Paired with the bittersweet music video, this song perfectly compliments any sad mood that you may be feeling at the moment. Check out his video below.

4. Breathe, Lee Hi

Lee Hi, I gotta admit,  is one of my favorite artists alongside Ailee, Hyolyn, and my UB Jungkook (hehe). Her smooth voice sounds like calm waves at the beach on a chilly spring night. Lee Hi perfectly suits the nature of this piece, written by Jonghyun (SHINee). Please feel free to check out her video below!!


5. Home, Ailee (ft. Yoon Mi Rae)

As I’ve said above, Ailee is by far my favorite solo singer. This song, however, is less like a ballad than the others, with an urban feel mixed into it. If this is your type of music, then you’re in luck! Ailee’s powerful voice completely compliments the accompaniment and Yoon Mi Rae comes in with her rap that became the last piece of the puzzle. Check it out below!


6. You Don’t Know Love, K. Will

His voice made this song into a more upbeat ballad than others and the modern feel is refreshing after tough situations. The music video features a couple having broken up due to misunderstandings between each other. K. Will perfectly expressed the feelings of the lyrics with his beautiful tones. Check it out below!


7. I Miss You, Soyou (Sistar) – Goblin OST

Soyou’s sweet voice flawlessly conveyed the message of the piece as the acoustic accompaniment perfectly matched with her tones and pitch. Along with the song, I also recommend to check out the drama! Watch the video below!


8. Here I Am, Yesung (Super Junior)

With Yesung’s deep and full tones, he carefully mapped out the emotions in this piece. He expressed the heartbreaking lyrics down to the small details in his pitch, syncing with the forlorn music video perfectly. Check it out below!


9. The Little Prince, Ryeowook (Super Junior)

His sweet and smooth voice took me into a new world as Ryeowook began with an acapella. The accompaniment then came in with a swoop, taking the rhythm onto a whole new level as the music overwhelms you whole. I recommend listening to this with headphones on. Check out the video below!


10. Practice Love, JJ Lin

Last but not least, even thought this particular piece isn’t Korean, it’s one of my most favorite ballads of all time. Sang by a popular Singaporean artist in Taiwan, JJ Lin perfectly conveyed this song – based off of the Silk Air Flight MI185 Incident. The artist carefully wrote a piece in fond regards to the victims of the tragedy, along with a great friend of his. Please check out the video below.


Well that’ll be the end of it! Thank you for sticking with me till the end. If you have any questions, comments, or requests, please write them down below. And if I made any mistakes in my list, criticism would be highly appreciated!

Credits: All videos belong to their respectful owners. I do not own any of the visual arts used in this post.


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