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Best Kpop Songs to Dance To


Hey guys, it’s Vanessa.

If you’ve read my bio, then you know that I love dancing. I take hip hop classes every week for the past year and a half now and I love to dance group covers with Amy (drama_addict228) and our other friends. The following list of songs are one of my most favorite to dance to.

1. I Need U, BTS

I, along with the other three authors on this site, are all big BTS ARMYs and I Need U has been my jam since it first came out. My crew and I learned this dance back in October and it has a very fast beat that I don’t recommend to beginners but is a very hype song to just mess around with. You can take a look at the dance practice and music video below.

2. I’m Not Sorry, DEAN x Eric Bellinger

Now this song doesn’t have an official choreography but it’s the type of song that you just have to turn up every time it plays. When hanging out with friends, this is a good song to just swap out to and be goofballs (XD). I recommend this to hard-core hip-hop and rap lovers.

3. Bad, Infinite

The choreography for this song is really intense and fast-paced. Learning it could be pretty hard but some tutorials on YouTube can help you just fine! Being my most favorite song of Infinite, Bad really hypes me up and brings out my inner dancer. Check out the music video and dance practice below.


Following up with their previous concepts, this release of TT is also very cutesy and follows a Halloween theme in the music video. It’s a refreshing change from hard hitting beats into this kinda girlish dance. The preciseness of each hand motion is what draws the most attention into the choreo.

5. Boom Boom, Seventeen

If you are a Carat, then you must know that all of Seventeen’s dances are super hard and super complicated. This song, in particular, is both a good listen and a hype song to dance to. Unfortunately, it is also a song that is more suitable to a group than solo so it’ll be a fun dance with your friends but slightly awkward when by yourself.

6. Fire, BTS

Now Fire is perfectly explained by its title. The music video for this song is paired with a fast-paced choreography that acts like the missing piece to the puzzle. With this song, dancing couldn’t be any more fun with its hype attitude and great vocals.

7. Roll Deep, Hyuna

I think it’s time to change it up a bit. We’ve got hip-hop and girlish concepts covered so a sexy song will be the finishing touch. Who better to represent than Hyuna, right? The choreo to this song is not only sexy but slightly racy as well, giving a heated atmosphere when you’re feeling extra adventurous when dancing.

8. Fxxt It, Big Bang

With a slightly more urban feel with a slower mood than their usual pieces, Big Bang produced this aesthetically pleasing song and music video. The isn’t an official choreography for this song. However, a choreo created by Park Bong Young of 1 Million Dance Studio perfectly compliments this song.

9. Shake It, Sistar

Competing with Hyuna in the sexy category is none other than Sistar. With this choreography of butt shaking (as stated in the title) and long legs (so jealous >.<), the dance is a great song to dance to with you girl friends,

10. Dope, BTS

As described by its title, the song and dance are both super dope. One of the best songs to jam out to in the car. The choreo at first glance is complicated, but once you break it down slowly, it’s actually easier than you think and super fun!


Honorable Mentions:


Monster, EXO


Very Very Very, IOI

Russian Roulette, Red Velvet

21st Century Girl, BTS


And that will be it! Please comment down below what you want I should write about next or if you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections. Thank you!

Credits: All videos belong to their respectful owners. I do not own any of the visual arts used.


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