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My Top 3 Korean Trot Music

Hey guys, it’s Vanessa.

I am very passionate about music (it surrounds me in my everyday life) so naturally, I have come to like various genres of music. Whether that may be pop,  classical, jazz, or rock. This is one of those genres that I have come to embrace openly with the help of several more modern artists. I hope to expose these beautiful songs with you all today, regardless if this is your first time hearing about trot or if you are already an avid fan.

1. Hong Jin Young, Love Battery

This is my favorite ever and I’ve only just found out about it two days ago. With Jin Young’s smooth and melodious voice, she brings out the traditional feel of the notes and pronounces every syllable in perfect match with the tempo. I recommend this to get you into the world of trot.


2. Park Sang-Cheol, Unconditionally

The urban feel of this traditional song gives off a jazzy and groovy aura. This is best to bring up a bad mood and brighten any dark atmosphere. I really enjoy listening to this one and singing along as loudly as I can (thank you S, JH, and JM T^T).


3. Park Hyun-Bin, Dazzling Dazzling

The slower beginning of this song is quickly brought up to a moderate tempo, a totally danceable tune for any dancer. Though not as upbeat as the previous two pieces of music, this one will definitely make you smile whenever you listen to it. (JK you the best).


That’s it for my tiny list! Sorry for the lack of more suggestions >.< I’m still relatively new to this genre so I’m all open for some recommendations. Leave them in the comments below with any questions, requests, etc. that you may have! Bonus: A great K-Drama in honor of trot:


2 thoughts on “My Top 3 Korean Trot Music

  1. Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

    I don’t know if these two songs are technically Trot, but they certainly remind me of the songs you’ve shared! The first is ‘Please Open the Door’ by Im Chang Jung… I guess it’s kinda like modern Trot? The other is a Japanese song by Daesung (Big Bang) called ‘Look at Me Gwisun’.

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