Discussion Time · What we are currently watching!

Confession time: What I am currently watching :D

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for checking out our blog, it is much appreciated! The other admins and I are working very hard to make this site as best as possible, and we are still learning how to make things better so please excuse the slow updates.

I thought a post like this might be interesting, and can help you interact with us! Let us know what your currently watching down below!!! Is it surprisingly good, or so bad?

After Goblin swept through leaving everyone in shock (plus a ton of tears), the Kdrama world slowly died down a bit. However, lately, many good dramas have aired and their are more on the way. Can’t say the same for Korean Reality TV shows, but they are still going quite strong in ratings.

As for me, I’m just here to write about what I have been watching, and hoping to find a few fellow fangirls/fanboys out in the crowds.

What I recently/am watching:

-Strong Woman Do Bong Soon : This was such an adorable drama. I loved it till the end, and didn’t want it to end… Whose hoping for Season 2? MEEE! Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik are such a cute OTP, their acting was beyond amazing, and had me crying and laughing the whole time. Also not to mention, Park Hyung Sik is hottttt, I am so glad he is finally getting more recognition…he deserves it~~ Park Bo Young is FINALLY back after Oh My Ghostess and she is better than ever. She suits all of her roles so well, and you should definitely check out some of her other works. Overall, I LOVED this, and would definitely recommend it.

Rating: 9/10

You can currently watch this drama on Viki, Dramanice or Dramafever.

-The Liar and His Lover : This is also such a great drama. It is still airing and is currently on episode 8. It stars Sooyoung (Joy) from Red Velvet and Lee Hyun Woo (Moorim School). The plot may be a bit confusing at first, but it has gradually gotten a lot better and easy to follow. Joy plays this bubbly high school student, and it reminds me of her times with Yook Sungjae on We Got Married 😀 I don’t know much about the male lead, but so far he’s not doing anything to make me dislike him. I look forward to seeing where this drama will take off! Hwaiting!

You can currently watch this drama on Viki or Dramanice.

-The Perfect Match : This one is a Taiwanese drama, and it’s going okay as of now. It’s about cooking, so if you into that, than perhaps you should check it out. It’s a mix of Comedy and Romance, but the plot has yet to develop, so everything is a bit slow. It stars Chris Wu and Ivy Shao. Please note that this is a Taiwanese drama, so it does air once a week…so slow…T_T. I’m excited to see what will happen with this drama~~

You can currently watch this drama on Viki or Dramanice.

-We Got Married S4 (Reality TV Show) : I have been watching this show for quite a while. I remember the first couple I saw was CNBlue Jonghwa and SNSD Seolhyun….ahhh the old times \(>.<)/ Most of the couples are awesome and jealousy worthy while a few are so so in my opinion. Current couples are : Singer Sleepy and Comedian Lee Guk-Joo, Actor Gong Myung and Actress Jung Hye-Sung, and lastly, Actor Choi Min-Young and Comedian Jang Do-Yeon. The couples are okay in my opinion, I’m not as attracted to them as for previous couples. Their are currently rumors on Soompi that We Got Married will be ending soon and coming back with a new season! YAY 😀 I’m excited for that. I personally adore this show, so definitely check it out if your like me!

And that’s all for today! Let me know down below what your watching! I am welcome to suggestions and such, so don’t be afraid to comment! Thank you so much for your time~ Peace out-

Amy ❤


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