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Suran – Wine ft. Changmo (Prod. Suga)

Hey my beautiful Pandas, it’s Vanessa.

Very recently, on April 27th, a popular K-indie artist released a new single of her song title Wine. Produced by BTS’s Suga, this song has been gaining a lot of attention prior to its release and the moment it came out, the song shot through all those expectations I had.

Paired with the amazing beat created by Suga, the combination of Suran’s slightly raspy voice and Changmo’s smooth rap completely blew me away. This is indeed a wonderful pairing of artists and producer. I absolutely fell in love with this song and can’t seem to stop replaying it on YouTube.

Definitely a must listen to if you enjoy that kind of pop/indie genre with a slightly urban feel.

I rate this a 10/10 for Suran’s incredible vocals, Changmo’s smoothness in his phrases, and Suga’s skill in putting it all together. Check out the video below!


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