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[Touring With Pandas] Must Visit Dessert Cafes Pt. 2

Hey my beautiful Pandas, it’s Vanessa, and I’m back with the continuation of this series about the cute and delicious desserts you should eat while in Korea and where to find them.

Now, let’s skip the intro this week and get right into the topic!

1. O-Shake – Itaewon


Address: 49 Itaewon-ro 27ga-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

This place is especially known for their shakes, as is foreshadowed in the name of the shop. They have a wide variety of flavors to choose from, either of shakes or just beverages in general. The shakes are rumored to be a delicious combination of sweet flavors that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

O-Shake Dessert.jpg

Below is a photo of their menu, taken just outside of the shop. You can also learn more about the store on their official website:

O-Shake Menu.jpg

2. Swi:t B – Itaewon

Sweet B.jpg

Address: 서울특별시 용산구 이태원동 673번지 Seoul, Korea

This shop may look like a typical soft serve ice cream joint you find practically on every street corner. However, what makes this different from any other is their special seasonal ice cream that they serve for only a limited time of the year. This includes dog shaped ice cream and others.

Sweet B Desserts.jpg

The photo below is of the menu board that is posted just outside of the small shop and displays the variety of flavors you can enjoy.

Sweet B Menu.jpg

3. Sweet Monster


Address: They have many locations all around Korea and other Asian countries. Go to their website to find the addresses.

This adorable shop serves ice cream WITH popcorn with flavors ranging from cheese to strawberry. Besides ice cream, they also sell small cakes and other desserts to fill up your appetite.

Sweet Monster Dessert.png

Check out the menu below and go to their website for official locations and opening times:

Sweet Monster Menu.jpg

4. Remicone – Garasugil (Gangnam)

Remicone .jpg

Address: 강남구 압구정로14길 24, Sin sa dong, Seoul, 135-890, South Korea

This place serves these adorable thunderclouds over milk ice cream that are made out of colored cotten candy with a small thunderbolt stuck into the top. The ice cream itself is perfect for photos and equally perfect for your tastebuds.

Remicone Desserts.jpg

Check out the menu below and be sure to try out this cute themed ice cream if you get the chance!

Remicone Menu.jpg

5. Pop Container – Sinchon


Address: Sinchon exit #2 towards u-plex / megabox / ehwa university. Pass by Krispy Kreme and Olive Young stores.

What this place is famous for is the IMMENSE amount that they are able to pile up on a cone. Pop Container specializes in tall mountain-like bingsus (shaved ice) of many different flavors, oreo being one of the more popular ones.

Popcontainer Desserts.jpg

Below is th photo of their menu. If you ever pass by this place, don’t hesitate to go in and have a taste!

Popcontainer Menu.jpg


Well, that will be it for this week’s segment, my Pandas. Please don’t be afraid to leave a comment below on any suggestions for next week’s content or correction on any of my facts!

I’ll see ya next time!


Credit: Eat With Hop:


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