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[MV] Love Whisper – G-Friend

Hey guys, it’s Katie again.

The six-member girl group, G-Friend which includes girls that are both fantastic in music and dance, recently released the song Love Whisper.

This new song and onstage performance is an innovative collection of each member’s soft and sweet voice. Each member in GFriend incorporates their voice to develop a deeper and shadowed melody that represents their harmony with each other.

I personally think each voice synchronizes perfectly and presents a cheerful and light-hearted vibe with the chimes and chirping birds.

Their onstage performance was a huge hit with the creative use of water. Even though their song has only been out for a short period of time fans have already been developing covers! During the performance, Yuju got injured but she carried on showing a great deal of professional edge in this group.

Check out the video below and all credit goes to: ALL THE K-POP


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