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Sup guyz, it’s Katie. I’m finally back again after Venus pressured me into posting 🙂

So KBS, a world TV broadcasting company, has been streaming two Korean dramas under the name, “Lovers in Bloom” and “Unknown Woman”.

“Lovers in Bloom” is a drama that stars Do Ji-han, Nam Bo-ra ( who actually plays as Bora in the drama), and Lim Soo-Hyang. The plot line is developed as a romance series about a former boxer who also is a rookie. After the unfortunate death of her husband, she raises her child independently until she meets her patrolling partner played by Do Ji-han. At first, this man seems cold and strict. Then as he comes in contact with our lead character who is subconsciously clumsy he begins to soften up. It’s amazing to see as a viewer how our inspector can perform some cheesy actions to show his love to her. This kdrama is an emotional depiction of the setbacks of a single mother and the relationship between people of different social levels.

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“Unknown Women” is a drama surrounded by the topic of revenge. The authors created an elaborate story of how far a person’s greed can take them. The antagonist played by Bae Jong-ok was raised in an orphanage, her desire to possess more gave her strength to turn escape her old living habits. Perhaps all her wrong doings got dumped onto her son because as each day passes his life began to strain. His only savior would be the daughter of the family’s driver. Yet, to bring in the dramatic effect Yeo-Ri the protagonist is bearing a child of her own and can not donate her marrow. Following the death of her son, Hong Ji-Won turns wicked and seeks revenge by separating the protagonist’s child from her. She’ll never realize that hurting Yeori is like stabbing herself… There’s a reason why her bone marrow correlates with Ji-won’s son… As a viewer Jiwon’s actions set everyone on edge. From her cruelness to her in human heart, she is the perfect villain. It’s utterly amazing and every viewer is rooting for her downfall.

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