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[MV] Sixteen – Samuel Kim

Sup guyz, it’s Katie! I’m really getting into a routine lol.

Samuel under the stage name Punch has just announced his new song Sixteen. This is an elaborate combo of Korean and English lyrics. The tone is very hipster and upbeat. Sixteen features the guest Changmo.

A little background on Samuel, he was originally a trainee in the band Seventeen but left due to personal reasons. He was part of the duo 1Punch before it disbanded. Recently he participated in Produce 101’s Season 2, the audience was greatly disappointed when he was eliminated during the final round. His debut album already has 10 completed songs, this is amazing considering he is only fifteen!

Sixteen is a song about the youthful times of a sixteen-year-old and aspects like romance and bromance. The lyrics include recent trends used by teenagers establishing an appeal for younger fans.

In my opinion, this upbeat song is a great hit and it’s very catchy!

Here’s a link to his new song! All right reserved to 1theK


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