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mAbout the site :

Hey guys. I am All About Korea 101‘s main admin, Vanessa. Nice to meet you! This website will mainly consist of news about a popular Korean boy band, BTS, along with any other boy bands you guys would like to read about.

Along with that, we will also update on reviews, recaps, and summaries on current Korean dramas. We will give our own opinions on Korean culture in general, such as foods, politics, and recreational activities. Please look forward to it! We will give our best to inform International Kpop/Kdrama fans of Korean news as best as we can!

The Admins :



Hello, I’m the main admin, venus97, or you guys can call me Vanessa! I am a fourteen-year-old girl from Taipei, Taiwan but is currently living in Washington, USA. I am in the eighth grade and play trumpet and French horn in the school’s band. I also do choir.

My most favorite things to do is singing. Outside of school, I have also been doing hip hop dancing for about a year now.

Fun fact: I had once auditioned to become a singer for Big Hit Entertainment. Unfortunately, I was rejected. However, I still plan on auditioning again.

Usually, I’m a very stoic person (mostly at school) and i don’t feel the need to speak to people unless I have to. That’s the main reason why I don’t have a lot of friends in school. My friends outside of school, however, are like my second family.

People’s frist impression of me is that I’m very quiet and reserved. Once you get to know me, I can be quite a klutz. Tripping on nothing and apologizing to every thing (inanimate or not) when I bump into them.

My choice of clothing is very broad and depends on my mood. Usually, I’ll prefer comfortable clothing like sweatshirts and leggings. But other times, I’ll feel feminine enough to wear a dress or skirt.

I hate wasting things, like food and time, and I hate keeping other people waiting. So being on time for me means being late.

I’ll dedicate this to my unni, drama_addict28, for encouraging me to start this website in the first place. I don’t like to do unnecessary stuff (a reason why all my teachers hate me) but I think this website will really help me to experience a lot of things that I’m not normally exposed to. So thank you for that.


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Hello everyone! It’s Amy here~

I recently posted about a drama, so don’t forget to check that out.  Lol, definitely should have done my bio first. I’m excited to be contributing and writing for this website!! I hope we will get many viewers, and this site can be a great resource for all you korean fanatics out there. As you all know, we are all very new to this whole website thing, so if any of you have any suggestions, feel free to comment down below~

I am 15 years old, and currently living in WA. I too was from Taipei, Taiwan, like the main admin Vanessa! Fun fact: we have known each other since preschool 😀 I’m pretty easygoing and love making new friends. Comment down below and I would love to get to know you all~~

I love eating food, and chatting with friends. Although I don’t have many, haha, but the one’s I do have are amazing~  (I love you guys all!) I’m pretty into Korean styled clothing and I enjoy trying Asian styled makeup looks! If any of you guys are like me, I would love to chat with you all . . .

I also work on another website in my spare time. AVV (aka A Virtual Voyage)! We focus a lot on Asian dramas, and try to bring the best and fastest news on Asian entertainment. Feel free to check it out! I want to give a big shoutout to my AVV Family for encouraging me, and for always supporting me on whatever I do. ❤

The other Authors :


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Hi guys, I’m a new member of this group. I go by Katie and am currently in 8th grade.

Music is a place where I like to hide away and I’ve always wanted to start playing. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the condition to start doing band or orchestra so music from artists has always allowed me to appreciate this form of art without doing it.

I’m a very emotive person so I take things very seriously and always worry when I’ve said something that’s too harsh and soft songs cheer me up quite a bit. My school life is very simple and I participate in track. This username (if you’re wondering) came from one of the main subjects in my life right now. I’d say my life currently revolves around ships and where they’ll end up.


Why you might ask? Sugar makes me super hyperactive to the point where I’ll say things I’ll regret.




HI LOVELIES! (Idk if I can call you guys that or not (lol)).

HI, I’m the newest addition to All About Korea 101 team. *Throws confetti everywhere*

My real name is Connie and I’m from Vietnam but is currently living in Washington. I am a freshman this year and I love everything about Asian culture (especially Vietnamese and Korean). My hobbies include playing the violin, sketching out beautiful things in life and I will soon turn playing the guitar into a hobby. My sense of style is pretty much just anything that has a bold impression but is really, really comfy. Mostly clothes that are trending around the world.

I am someone that is pretty shy and won’t talk to people unless I’m forced to or is needed to. I love food and pretty much love everyone I know……. except a-holes and people who don’t appreciate life very well.

I especially love music since a very young age. It has always helped me connect with people all over the world or just in my community. But sadly (like Katie), I didn’t get the chance to play any instruments until a few years ago.

My posts will mostly be focusing on profiles and fashion.

I hope you will enjoy the stuff I post on this website/blog and will take any constructive criticism you give. Which means don’t be mean like saying I should stop writing and such (lol~).

In the meantime~ I hope to see you again! Bye my lovelies~