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All About K-Beauty Pt. 2

Since the first post was very popular among readers, and many people seem to like it more than the other topics. So, here it is! I hope you guys enjoy it. If you would like to see a part 3, don’t forget to comment below, and like this post! Also, remember to share this with your friends and family who are also K-Beauty lovers!!

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Kpop · Song Recommendations

Song’s I recommend >.<

Recently, the site got a makeover and we’ve invited new members! Thank you all for paying so much attention to our sites. We admins are pretty excited, as our views have gotten slightly higher than they were when we first started. Yay \(^_^)/

Today, I’m here to recommend some Kpop song’s that I have been listening to on replay! Some are new songs that recently hit the stage, while some may be songs that I feel deserves more recognition.

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Discussion Time · What we are currently watching!

Confession time: What I am currently watching :D

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for checking out our blog, it is much appreciated! The other admins and I are working very hard to make this site as best as possible, and we are still learning how to make things better so please excuse the slow updates.

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Makeup Artists/Korean Bloggers

Korean Makeup Artists

Hi everybody! This is Amy, and I welcome you to me personal section on this website: The Makeup Section! If you all didn’t know, I adore makeup, and enjoy learning about new tips and looks to create. Today I am here to share with you a few Korean Makeup Artists whom I find very inspiring and very informational. Note that these are my opinions and my thoughts, and you do not need to like them too. Also, this is purely to share my favorite youtuber’s who specialize in Korean Makeup. Thanks for your time~~ Enjoy!!

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