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[Touring With Pandas] Korea’s Famous Beaches Pt. 1

Hey my beautiful Pandas! It's Vanessa and I'm back with another update of my series! I sincerely apologize for not updating last Friday, it was Finals week so there wasn't enough time for both.

This week's topic is about famous and mesmerizing beaches in South Korea! Make sure to leave a comment below for any questions, suggestions, or others and you may be responsible for next week's blog.

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All About Korea 101 is Hiring!!

Hey my beautiful Pandas, it’s All About Korea 101’s main admin, Vanessa.

So this has been the main concern of ours for a long time but we’ve never gotten around to officially announce it yet. If you’ve recently read the home page of our website or a few recent posts that we’ve released, you would have seen this little blurb that announces our need for new members.

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Suran – Wine ft. Changmo (Prod. Suga)

Hey my beautiful Pandas, it’s Vanessa.

Very recently, on April 27th, a popular K-indie artist released a new single of her song title Wine. Produced by BTS’s Suga, this song has been gaining a lot of attention prior to its release and the moment it came out, the song shot through all those expectations I had.

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Top Most Popular Korean Variety Shows Pt. 1

Hey my beautiful Pandas (I think I’ll be calling you guys this now hehe >.<), it’s Vanessa.

I’m back again with another blog and this time, it’s about the very fundamentals of entertainment, variety shows! America has its own fair share of good variety, ranging from Saturday Night Live to The Bachelor. However, today I would be introducing to you guys a few popular Korean variety shows that you should consider watching. Comment down below if you agree with this list or if you heard of any of these shows! Let’s get started!

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All About Korea 101 Meets Facebook!!

Hey guys, it’s Vanessa.

The purpose of this post is to announce All About Korea 101 currently being promoted on Facebook at our official page with the same title. The link is also in the home section so go check that out.

The admins and I, after careful consideration, have got to thinking of ways to further promote our site to share the beauty of Korean culture. This page is just one step to help bring our website to the outside world.

We will be trying our hardest to bring good content and to express our opinions on certain topics about Korea so please look forward to future posts!

Anyway, that’ll be it for now, I’ll see you guys later!