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New Kdramas

Sup guyz, it’s Katie. I’m finally back again after Venus pressured me into posting 🙂

So KBS, a world TV broadcasting company, has been streaming two Korean dramas under the name, “Lovers in Bloom” and “Unknown Woman”. Continue reading “New Kdramas”

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All About Korea 101 is Hiring!!

Hey my beautiful Pandas, it’s All About Korea 101’s main admin, Vanessa.

So this has been the main concern of ours for a long time but we’ve never gotten around to officially announce it yet. If you’ve recently read the home page of our website or a few recent posts that we’ve released, you would have seen this little blurb that announces our need for new members.

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Discussion Time · What we are currently watching!

Confession time: What I am currently watching :D

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for checking out our blog, it is much appreciated! The other admins and I are working very hard to make this site as best as possible, and we are still learning how to make things better so please excuse the slow updates.

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