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[Product] Skin Tone Adaptive BB Cream

Erborian’s High Definition CC Creme has been the new hit in the market recently!

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All About Korea 101 is Hiring!!

Hey my beautiful Pandas, it’s All About Korea 101’s main admin, Vanessa.

So this has been the main concern of ours for a long time but we’ve never gotten around to officially announce it yet. If you’ve recently read the home page of our website or a few recent posts that we’ve released, you would have seen this little blurb that announces our need for new members.

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All About K-Beauty Pt. 2

Since the first post was very popular among readers, and many people seem to like it more than the other topics. So, here it is! I hope you guys enjoy it. If you would like to see a part 3, don’t forget to comment below, and like this post! Also, remember to share this with your friends and family who are also K-Beauty lovers!!

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Top Trending Korean Makeup Products of 2017

Hey guys, it’s Vanessa.

Now, as kpop and kdramas become more universal in America or other countries, Korean beauty has also become a topic of much discussion. Many people of a wide variety of ethnicities have looked to Korean makeup and beauty products as inspirational or as a source of good beauty, which can be judged based on their musical artists. So today, I would be talking about the top trending makeup products of 2017. Continue reading “Top Trending Korean Makeup Products of 2017”