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BTS Top 10 Song Recommendation List

Hey little cuties! It’s Katie and I’m back for another consecutive week >-<

And of course, I couldn’t resist post this article about BTS after their new hit album (P.S. You guys should go listen to it)!

The hyped boy band BTS has published plenty of MV since their debut. If it’s your first time listening to them, here are some of my highlights:

‘Best of Me’ really show how soft Jimin’s voice can go! To be honest I wasn’t really obsessed with Jimin’s high voice, but wow! And Rapmon’s rap in this isn’t as harsh which suits me better. And fans are also amazed at Suga’s singing.

While writing this part I looked over the MV and ommie gosh! My mythology geek side is truly seeping in, did any of you guys notice the Perseus statue holding up Medusa’s head? Back to the topic, can we just all take a moment to appreciate the hard choreography with the upper strength workout? It’s also amazing how they can go so feathery light with their vocals and hold it for so long.

Is anyone else constantly singing to the chorus??? “I NEED U” is super catchy and it displays one of their slower songs. With Jimin hitting those super high soprano notes and Suga’s slow rap this song is absolute awesome sauce!

“Dope” is a great way to show that you have to work for what you want. It is also reassuring to younger kids that your path doesn’t always have to be straight. Like these young performers, their ideal job has shifted and changed greatly.

“Boy in Luv” is one of their earlier songs and it holds a more deep note. The ending of each stanza is very sharp and held for a short while that goes well with the electric background. Also, can I just comment again on JHope’s quick rap, dang a way to pull in our childhood with something that sounds like a song from “The Lion King”

Broooo “Go Go” is still blowing my mind ugh. The background beat is very upbeat and it emphasizes JHope’s awesome cutting edge rapping.  The song is divided so well that it’s hard to notice when they change parts. This song is seriously stuck in my head 24/7.


What’s your favorite BTS song???

(All respect to the owners of the videos!)

~XOXO Katie

btw is anyone else going crazy over Suga’s blue hair????


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