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Orange Caramel Appreciation Post

Hi, it’s Katie ( I really need to come up with a better beginning, this doesn’t really sound like me, it’s more of Vanessa’s style.)

I first got into kpop from the band Orange Caramel. After Vanessa recommended some music, recently I’ve noticed that this band isn’t as popular. Continue reading “Orange Caramel Appreciation Post”

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Suran – Wine ft. Changmo (Prod. Suga)

Hey my beautiful Pandas, it’s Vanessa.

Very recently, on April 27th, a popular K-indie artist released a new single of her song title Wine. Produced by BTS’s Suga, this song has been gaining a lot of attention prior to its release and the moment it came out, the song shot through all those expectations I had.

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Song’s I recommend >.<

Recently, the site got a makeover and we’ve invited new members! Thank you all for paying so much attention to our sites. We admins are pretty excited, as our views have gotten slightly higher than they were when we first started. Yay \(^_^)/

Today, I’m here to recommend some Kpop song’s that I have been listening to on replay! Some are new songs that recently hit the stage, while some may be songs that I feel deserves more recognition.

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My Top 3 Korean Trot Music

Hey guys, it’s Vanessa.

I am very passionate about music (it surrounds me in my everyday life) so naturally, I have come to like various genres of music. Whether that may be pop,  classical, jazz, or rock. This is one of those genres that I have come to embrace openly with the help of several more modern artists. I hope to expose these beautiful songs with you all today, regardless if this is your first time hearing about trot or if you are already an avid fan.

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BTS Releases New MV: Spring Day

On February 13th at 00:00 KST, Big Hit Entertainment finally released the follow-up album to BTS’s recent WINGS Album that was released in 2016. The album features a total of 18 tracks with 14 songs from the previous album and 4 new songs that include Spring Day, Not Today, Outro: Wings, and A Supplementary Story.

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